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The Jones VC Trophy

Jones VC Trophy

In 1984 Col. and Mrs Jones granddaughter, Mrs Ruth de Courcey-Ireland, then 80 years old, gave the bowl to The Finchampstead Society, as a trophy to be presented each year to a person or persons who had made a significant voluntary contribution to the local community. First awarded in 1985

The Jones VC Trophy

Holders of The Jones VC Trophy

  1. 2018 Audrey Metcalfe
  2. 2017 Richard & Sarah Owen
  3. 2016 Ed & Sue Sampson
  4. 2015 Miss Beverley Kemp
  5. 2014 Mr Neil Doody
  6. 2013 Wendy & Keith Graham
  7. 2011 Mr Sydney Paulden
  8. 2010 Mr Jim Gallagher
  9. 2009 Trophy refurbishment
  10. 2008 Dr Dallyn Salter
  11. 2007 Mr Wally Chapman
  12. 2006 Mr Ian Adnams
  13. 2005 Mr Ken Chapman
  14. 2004 Maurice & Christine Driver
  15. 2003 Mrs Lauraine Newcombe
  16. 2002 Edward & Wendy Bickerdike
  17. 2001 Miss Joan Betts OBE
  18. 2000 Mr John Asteraki
  19. 1999 Jack & Christine Francis
  20. 1998 Mrs Carolyn Fox
  21. 1997 Mrs Betty Adnams
  22. 1996 Mrs Anne McKay
  23. 1995 Miss Armorel Billing
  24. 1994 Mrs Muriel Long
  25. 1993 Mrs M. Henderson
  26. 1992 Mr Bert Vile
  27. 1991 Mrs Joyce Hull
  28. 1990 Mrs Mollie Harle
  29. 1989 Dr & Mrs George Hadfield
  30. 1988 Mr & Mrs John Colbeck
  31. 1987 Miss Helen Taylor
  32. 1986 Mrs Freda Dalby
  33. 1985 The Beer Family

Jones VC Trophy 2018 awarded to
Audrey Metcalfe

Audrey Metcalfe receiving the trophy, presented by Neil Doody

Update - Sadly since receiving this award, Audrey Metcalfe died peacefully on the 22nd May, just a few weeks before her 90th birthday on the 20th June. Jane Parle has written this tribute below, which replaces the original article.

Audrey’s connection with Finchampstead has spanned 65 years. She moved to Finchampstead in 1953 and since that time she has raised four children whilst still finding time to get actively involved in a variety of different ways within the community. As a young woman with a growing family she assisted at the doctors surgery by helping with the weighing in of babies and dispensing refreshments. In the 50’s and 60’s this was quite a social occasion and one which I can certainly relate to! She was frequently asked to help in the village school kitchen with lunches. In addition she would also help with monitoring swimming pool activities, especially if there was a staff shortage. Not surprisingly, she was also involved with many fund raising activities for the school.

Audrey supported the Finchampstead Sports and Social club. She was part of the parent team that set up the Sunday Football Club in the 60’s, and then became their treasurer for many years. If you go to Memorial Park on any Sunday in the winter time you can still see the young enthusiastic football teams playing now as they did 50 or so years back. In the summer she supported the cricket club by helping to provide wonderful teas for players and spectators.

Again in the 60’s and 70’s Audrey helped raise funds for the Finchampstead Park Management Committee for the upkeep of the Memorial Hall and park by organising weekly bingo nights and whist drives. She also helped at the local bridge club; and was one of the parents who initially set up the village youth club. Another activity which Audrey was involved in was the coffee morning held in the hall for a local Motorcycle Veterans Club. This wonderful lady also distributed the Finchampstead magazine for over 30 years. Every November it was Audrey who would be seen selling poppies for the Royal British Legion. In her “spare” leisure time she knitted children’s hats for Christmas boxes. In her later years Audrey gave help to the Finchampstead Sue Ryder support group, helping them for over 20 years.

Audrey was a parishioner of St. James’ Church. For many people she was part of the establishment and for most church services she would sit near the main door at the church on her cushioned seat smiling and chatting with other parishioners as they came in. It was like being greeted by royalty! When she wasn’t there her absence was really noticeable. But like everything that Audrey did she threw herself wholeheartedly in parish involvement. She never sat still and was always busying herself, most noticeably when she was collecting money for the refreshments and cake stall at the many festivals and fetes that were held. She was a member of the Mothers Union, attended the Ladies breakfasts and would be seen at the parish quizzes. It was obvious that if you were in Audrey’s team at the quiz your group would more than likely win the overall quiz and I am sure her teams’ success was down to her.

Earlier this year Audrey was awarded the Jones V.C trophy which is annually given to the person/persons who have made a significant voluntary contribution to the local community. The award was presented to her at the Finchampstead Annual General meeting held in March. The trophy was subsequently inscribed with her name and taken to the Royal Berkshire hospital by her son Paul. Audrey was overwhelmed with the award and was able to see her name engraved on the trophy shortly before she died. What a fitting memorable and long lasting tribute to a wonderful community minded lady.

- Jane Parle -

Jones VC Trophy Colonel Jones

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