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The Finchampstead Society Archive is housed in the Finchampstead Library, FBC, Gorse Ride, Finchampstead. It is open to visitors on the first Thursday of each month between 2pm and 4pm. Access at other times may be possible. If required, please use the Contact page to send a message, use "Archive" as the reason.

Listing of maps held in the Archive. For Documents click here

Archive Map List

AFSM250DVD of 11 maps in The Archive. Produced by Peter Allington, January 2013
AFSA144Land & property agreement between Sir Henry Paulet St.John & others & Richard Banister & others. 1765
AFSM151File: Sale of Bearwood Estate, 1911 & 1912. (See also maps FSM152 - 155)
AFSM1522 coloured lot maps - Bearwood Estate Sale, 1911
AFSM153/1534 lot maps with Tithe numbers - Bearwood Estate Sale, 1911
AFSM154Lot map of area north of Nine Mile Ride - Bearwood Estate Sale, 1911
AFSM155Lot description sheet - Bearwood Estate Sale, 1911
AFSH134(B)History of Warren Close - account book 1956 -1971 (See also FSH 134 & 134A)
BFSA104/ASale Brochure album: Manor Farm,'The Home of The Eversley Herd'.
BFSA143Sale particulars of 'Sandhurst Lodge' Estate, The Ridges, 1912
BFSM156Map of Berkshire, 1746
BFSM157Map of Berkshire divided into Hundreds, 1758
BFSM158Map of Berkshire, c.1846
BFSM159Map of road from London to Bath. Date unknown
BFSM160Timeline Historical Map of Reading & Windsor, 1805 - 1874
BFSM161Framed map of Domesday Berkshire, 1086. Produced in 1985
BFSM162Map of Roman Britain, published by the Ordnance Survey, 1956. Third Edition
BFSM163Map of Finchampsted Baylywicke from the survey by John Norden, 1607. Reproduced for The Finchampstead Society 1975 (& wall)
BFSM1642 copies of FSM163 superimposed on a modern Ordnance Survey Map
BFSM165Section of map of south Berkshire & north Hampshire made by William Roy, 1765, for the defence of south-east England. Roy's first map-making commission from King George III
BFSM166Shaded contour map of south Wokingham & north-west Surrey
CFSM167Map of north-west Finchampstead area, marked with local field names. c.1980
CFSM168Map of west Finchampstead area, marked with local field names. c.1980
CFSM169Map of north Finchampstead area, marked with local field names. c.1980
CFSM170Map of south-west Finchampstead area, marked with local field names. c.1980
CFSM1712 maps of Finchampstead village, c.1980's, showing named buildings
CFSM172Section of Ordnance Survey map - California Brick Works & Wick Hill area
CFSM173Enlarged portion of FSM172 showing California Brick Works
CFSM1742 bridleway & footpath maps of west Finchampstead
CFSM175Public Rights of Way map, 2001 - Arborfield & Newland
CFSM176Public Rights of Way map, 2001 - Barkham
CFSM177Public Rights of Way map, 2001 - Finchampstead
CFSM178(a)Finchampstead street map, 2004. Finchampstead Parish Council
CFSM178(b)Finchampstead street map, 2011. Finchampstead Parish Council
CFSM179The Swainscote Court Roll of Finchampstede Baylywicke, 1594, with translation
CFSM180Replica map of Hampshire, c.1600's
CFSM181Replica map of Berkshire, 1610
CFSM1822 copies of Rocques map, 1761 - part of Berkshire from Wargrave to Finchampstead
CFSM183Rocques map, 1761. Enlargement of Finchampstead area
CFSM184Pictorial map - 'Ancient & Holy & Healing Wells of the Thames Valley'
CFSM185Windsor Forest. 'Sketch of the Rides which are open roads for carriages'. Date unknown
CFSM186Mogg's 'Twenty Four miles round London & Crystal Palace Excursion Map', c.1860
CFSM188Thomas Pride's map of Berkshire, 1790
CFSM214Original Robert Morden map of 'Barkshire', c.1700
CFSM2261886 plan of Jubilee Road diversion, John Walter. Also map of Finchampstead Village,Dozzells Well & new Longwater Rd.
CFSM234Parish of Finchampstead map, 1856
CFSM2351841 map of south Finchampstead & River Blackwater, marked with field & owner names
DFSM187/1-1212 Tithe Apportionment maps for the Parish of Finchampstead. (See also file ref. FSM150)
DFSM150File: Tithe maps & Tithe Apportionment list, 1896 (See also maps FSM187/1-10)
DFSM2361817 Act of Enclosure Map, Finchampstead south-east
DFSM2371817 Act of Enclosure Map, Finchampstead south-west
Ordnance Survey Maps
EFSM1891816-1830 - Old Series Map, Finchampstead & surrounding area
EFSM1901871 - East Finchampstead & The Ridges. Reproduced 1986, The British Library Board
EFSM1911900 - Wokingham Without, California & Pinewood area
EFSM1921911 - Finchampstead, California, King's Mere & Queen's Mere area. (Delicate Condition)
EFSM1931911 - Shepperlands Copse, Fleet Hill, Finchampstead village area. (Delicate Condition)
EFSM1941911 - The Ridges & The Devil's Highway area.(Delicate Condition)
EFSM1951911 - Long Moor & Barkham area. (Delicate Condition)
EFSM1961932 - Finchampstead central & west area
EFSM1971933 - Reading & Newbury
EFSM1981951 - Wokingham Without & Crowthorne
EFSM1991951 - North-west Surrey
EFSM2001958 - South of Wokingham. First edition. Major roads revised 1974
EFSM2011959 - South Berkshire & West Surrey, 1 inch to 1 mile
EFSM2021961 - Finchampstead West & Eversley
EFSM2031967 - Wokingham Without & Crowthorne
EFSM2041968 - North-west Surrey
EFSM2051970 - Finchampstead East & Sandhurst. 2 copies
EFSM206Nine Mile Ride & surrounding area, Finchampstead. Created from Ordnance Survey maps 1816-1830
EFSM2071911 - Blackwater & Whitewater Rivers, Farley Hill & Riseley Common
EFSM2081963 - Finchampstead Ridges, Dell Road, North Court Farm
EFSM2091967 - Barkham Ride & California-in-England
EFSM2101967 - Finchampstead Village & North-West Finchampstead
EFSM2111975 - Farley Hill area
EFSM2121975 - West Finchampstead & Devil's Highway
EFSM213c.1977 - OS map detailing heritage features around Finchampstead.
FFSM215Satellite image of Norfolk, the east of England & surrounding areas. Published by the Daily Mail
FFSM216Satellite image of the Isle of Wight & Hampshire, bordering onto Dorset & West Sussex. Published by the Daily Mail
FFSM217Aerial photograph of Finchampstead, July 1946. Supplied by National Monuments Record.
FFSM218Aerial photograph of Finchampstead, June 1967. Supplied by National Monuments Record.
FFSM219Aerial photograph of Finchampstead, July 1986. Supplied by National Monuments Record.
FFSM220Aerial photograph of Finchampstead, June 1996. Supplied by National Monuments Record.
FFSM221Aerial photograph of Finchampstead & Nine Mile Ride, May 1966. Fairey Surveys Ltd. (With negative)
FFSM222Aerial photograph of Finchampstead Village, 1976. Fairey Surveys Ltd.
FFSM223Aerial photograph of Finchampstead Ridges area, 1976. Fairey Surveys Ltd.
FFSM224Aerial photograph of Finchampstead & Nine Mile Ride, Aug. 1961. RAF
FFSM225Aerial photograph of Finchampstead, Nine Mile Ride & Arborfield Camp, Sept. 1980. RAF
FFSM227First edition of the 1" to 1 mile map of Hartford Bridge flats & surrounding areas.
FFSM230Wokingham District Parish Boundaries as from 1st April, 1986
FFSM231WWII Air Raid Precautions Controller's Map, Wokingham Rural District, South Section
FFSM232/1-1010 hedge count maps produced by The Finchampstead Society
FFSM233'Finchampstead remembers WW1'. Written accounts, memories, photographs etc.
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