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The Archive contains many unique items including:

  • An original copy of the ‘Chronicles of Finchampstead’ by William Lyon, 1885
  • Most of the Parish Magazines dating from 1887
  • Archaeological information on the Roman Road
  • Historical photographs and press cuttings of local events including the Finchampstead Pageant of 1956

It also holds copies of the Census Records, 1851 – 1891, photographs and details of local listed buildings and biographies of some interesting Finchampstead residents. There are around 80 historical maps including tithe maps and lot maps from the Bearwood Estate Sale in 1911.

To access The Archive

Please contact Wendy Graham on 0118 9736569 or use the Contact page to send a message, use "Archive" as the reason.

We no longer operate a public ‘open’ afternoon but are happy to arrange for you to visit at a mutually acceptable time or to undertake research on your behalf.

Can you contribute to our Archive?

We are always grateful to receive additional historical material. Please contact Wendy Graham as above if you can donate anything which may be of local interest.

Listing of the Documents held in the Archive. For Maps click here

Document List

Reference Description
FSB1 2 books 'Chronicles of Finchampstead' by William Lyon (two different binding formats)
FSB2 1 book 'Finchampstead in Old Pictures' compiled by The Finchampstead Society
FSB3 2 books 'Finchampstead Past, Present and Future' published by The Finchampstead Society
FSB4 1 book 'Finchampstead' produced by The Finchampstead Society, 2016
FSB5 1 book 'The New Berkshire Village Book' compiled by Berkshire Fed. Of Women's Institutes
FSB6 1 book 'Historic Towns in Berkshire' by Grenville G.Astill
FSB7 1 book 'The Wokingham Agricultural Association 1835-1985' by Kerr Kirkwood
FSB8 1 book 'Berkshire Village Book' compiled by Berkshire Fed. Of Women's Institutes
FSB9 1 book 'Maps for Local History' by Brian Paul Hindle
FSB10 1 book 'Local History for Beginners' by Robert Dunning
FSB11/1-38 Magazines of The Berkshire Family History Society 1989 - 2009 (Some editions missing)
FSB12/1-19 Magazines 'Berkshire Old and New' Berkshire Local History Association
FSB13/1-26 Newsletters of Berkshire Local History Association
FSB14/1-9 Booklets 'The Wokingham Historian' pub. by the Local History Group of The Wokingham Society
FSB15 1 book 'Britain in Old Photographs - Wokingham' by Bob Wyatt
FSB16 1 book 'Sandhurst and Crowthorne in Old Pictures' collected by Kitty Dancy and Allan Brooker
FSB17 1 book 'What Happened in Crowthorne Before 1900' by J.A.Watkinson
FSB18 Brickmaking: a Local Industry' by Michael Dumbleton
FSB19 Bricks and Brickmaking' by Martin Hammond
FSB20 'Industrial Berkshire' prepared by Babtie Group Ltd. for Berkshire County Council
FSB21 'Prehistoric Berkshire' prepared by Babtie Group Ltd. for Berkshire County Council
FSB22 'Roman Berkshire' prepared by Babtie Group Ltd. for Berkshire County Council
FSB23 'Medieval Berkshire' prepared by Babtie Group Ltd. for Berkshire County Council
FSB24 'Bastions of Berkshire' prepared by Babtie Group Ltd. for Berkshire County Council
FSB25 'Caesar's Camp' prepared by Babtie Group Ltd. for Bracknell Forest Borough Council
FSB26 - 40 15 different leaflets on local area produced by Bracknell Forest District Council
FSB27 1 book 'Commissioner Catherine' by Catherine Bramwell-Booth and Ted Harrison
FSB28 1 book 'The Nameless War' by Capt. The Hon. Maule Ramsay, RN
FSB29 1 book 'Christianity, Justice & Democracy' by Brian Shone
FSB30 1 book 'We Command That Right Be Done' by Brian Shone
FSB31 1 book 'The Devil in Finchampstead' by Brian Shone
FSB32 1 book 'The Finchampstead Heritage' by Brian Shone
FSB33 1 draft copy of book 'Part 111 The Devil's Highway from the Battle of Hastings to the Battle of Britain' by Brian Shone
FSB34 Finchampstead Parish Magazines, Jan.1887 - Dec.1899
FSB35 Finchampstead Parish Magazines, Jan.1900 - Dec.1910
FSB36 Finchampstead Parish Magazines, Jan.1911 - Dec.1919. Also June 1921, Nov 1933 and May 1939
FSB38/68-69 Finchampstead Parish Magazines, Jan.188 - Dec.1969
FSB39/70-79 Finchampstead Parish Magazines, Jan.1970 - Dec.1979
FSB40/80-89 Finchampstead Parish Magazines, Jan.1980 - Dec.1989
FSB41/89-98 Finchampstead Parish Magazines, Jan.1990 - Dec.1998. Bound in 12-month volumes
FSB41/99 Finchampstead Parish Magazines, Jan.1999 - Dec.1999
FSB42/00-09 Finchampstead Parish Magazines, Jan.2000 - Dec.2009 Held elsewhere to conserve space
FSB43/10-14 Finchampstead Parish Magazines, Jan.2010 - Dec.2014 Held elsewhere to conserve space
FSB44 History of Finchampstead Parish Magazine plus selected articles. A talk by John Asteraki
FSB45 1 book 'An Historical Atlas of Berkshire' by Joan Dils
FSB46 'The History of Finchampstead Cricket Club - 150 years of cricket' by Neil Doody
FSB47 'Thirty Acres and a Cow' by David Ensor, Head Herdsman at Manor Farm, 1949.
FSB48 Copy of 'Chronicles of Finchampstead' by William Lyon. Chapters 1 - 6
FSB49 Copy of 'Chronicles of Finchampstead' by William Lyon. Chapters 7 - 9 plus appendix
FSB50/1-2 2 issues of 'Fireworks' Magazine, featuring Rainbow Fireworks of Finchampstead.
FS55 The Finchampstead Society, Nov. 1974 - Dec 1991
FS56 The Finchampstead Society, Jan. 1992 - April 2007
FS57 Copies of 'Finch Mail' Newsletter of The Finchampstead Society, March 2006 - October 2016
FS60 The Jones VC Trophy. History & list of winners
FSH63 History & Heritage Group. Minutes of Meetings 1978-1993
FSH64 History & Heritage Group. Minutes of Meetings 1994-2008
FSH65 History & Heritage Group. Local history projects & investigations
FSH66 History & Heritage Group. The Roman Road archaeology 1972-1976
FSH67 History & Heritage Group. The Roman Road archaeology since 1977
FSH68 Silchester Insula IX Interim Reports, 1999, 2003-2006. Dept. of Archaeology, The University of Reading.
FSH70 History & Heritage Group. Hedge species surveys 1979-1984
FSH71 History & Heritage Group. Hedge species surveys 1987-1992
FSH72 The Finchampstead Society Woodland Survey, 1982
FSH73a 3 books 'A Finchampstead Trilogy', Book 1 - Trees by Freda Dalby
FSH73b 3 books 'A Finchampstead Trilogy', Book 11 - Plants by Freda Dalby
FSH73c 3 books 'A Finchampstead Trilogy', Book 111 - Creatures by Freda Dalby
FSH75 The Survival of The Lowland British Language' around Finchampstead by Michael Bayley
FSH79 Finchampstead. General history of the area
FSH80 Finchampstead in World War I
FSH81 Finchampstead in World War II
FSH82 Finchampstead Memorial Park. History of purchase, 1945/46
FSH83 Finchampstead. Historical events, photos & press cuttings. 1814 - 1990
FSH84 Finchampstead. Historical events, photos & press cuttings. 1991 - 2007
FSH85 Finchampstead Pageant, fetes & celebrations
FSP86 Finchampstead. Clubs & associations
FSP87 The Garage, Finchampstead. Accounts: 1948 - 1954
FSP88 The Walter Family of Bearwood
FSP89 The Milam Family. History & legal documents
FSP90 The Palmer/Fyshe Palmer Family History
FSP91 People of Finchampstead. Surnames A-K
FSP92 People of Finchampstead. Surnames L-Z
FSP93 Video commemorating centenary of Finchampstead Parish Council, 1994
FST94 2 duplicate interview tapes - Mr. & Mrs. Albrecht
FST95 Interview tape - Margaret Mearing
FST96 Interview tape - Iris van Hoboken
FST97 Interview tape - John & Freda Dalby
FST98 Interview tape - Nellie Bird
FST99 Interview tape - Ann Howitt & Ann Day
FSA100 The history of 'Banisters'
FSA101 The history of 'West Court'
FSA102 The history of 'Shepperlands Farm'
FSA103 The history of 'Shepperlands Cottage'
FSA104 The history of 'Manor Farm'
FSA104/A Manor Farm, The Home of The Eversley Herd. (Sale Brochure album - see map chest)
FSA105 The history of 'Ridge Cottage', later 'New Place'
FSA106 Parish Profile of St. James' Church, Finchampstead
FSA106/1 The history of St. James' Church (Part 1)
FSA106/2 The history of St. James' Church (Part 2)
FSA106/3 'The history of St. James' Church' by J.Neave, 1995
FSA107 The history of The New Mill
FSA108 The history of Westwood Cottage
FSA109 Inns of Finchampstead
FSA110 The history of 'Bearwood'
FSA111 The history of 'Box Cottage'
FSA112 North Court & North Court Farm
FSA113a Various buildings around Finchampstead (1)
FSA113b Various buildings around Finchampstead (2)
FSA114 The general history of timber buildings
FSA115 Listed Buildings in Finchampstead
FSC117 Finchampstead Census records: 1851 & 1861
FSC118 Finchampstead Census records: 1871, 1881 & 1891
FSK119 Kelly's Directory records, Finchampstead. Various years
FSE120 The history of Finchampstead C of E School
FSE121 Gorse Ride,Nine Mile Ride Primary & Waverley Schools
FSS125 Aspects of Finchampstead' transparent slides
FSR126 Wellingtonia Avenue, The Ridges, Simon's Wood & Kingsmere Lake
FSW127 Finchampstead walks, woodland & Moor Green Lakes
FSCP130 History of California Country Park
FSH131 Arborfield & Barkham - assorted historical papers
FSH132 Wellington College & Crowthorne - historical photographs
FSH133 Local Conservation Area Reports (Inc. Hurst, Arborfield, Twyford etc.)
FSH134/134A History of Warren Close - accounts, minutes, photographs etc. 1947 - 1980
FSH133(B) History of Warren Close - account book 1956 - 1971 (See map chest)
FSG135(A) Finchampstead Parish & local government
FSG135(B) Finchampstead Parish & local government
FSG136 Finchampstead & locality planning issues, 1976 - 1992
FSG137 Finchampstead & locality planning issues, 1993 - 2007
FSG138 Finchampstead & locality planning issues, 2008 -
FSG139 Manor Farm gravel extraction, 1989 - 2007
FSA140 Details of property auctions & house sales, 1927 - 1990
FSA141 Details of property auctions & house sales, 1991 - 2003
FSA142 Details of property auctions & house sales, 2004 - 2011
FSA143 Sale particulars of 'Sandhurst Lodge' Estate, The Ridges, 1912. (See map chest)
FSA144 Land & property agreement between Sir Henry Paulet St. John & others & Richard Banister & others. 1765. (See map chest)
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